The Notorious Notebook – Du Sverdinvyrd

osten ard y

esterday, 30 years after The Dragonbone Chair was published I posted a few pages of the notebook that proceeded the book. Tad gave me the notebook this Summer when I visited him and Deborah for a few days and it was a true joy to browse through it, read here and there, look at long lists of names of language creation, timelines and the like. To me it was a true treasure and I excitedly read it for hours and hours … then I talked to friends about it and they were excited, too and a bit jealous, too so I asked if I could take pics and share them and Tad in his unlimited generosity agreed.

So this is what will happen here: in loose and unregular sequence the content of the notebook will be posted on this site. I’ll tweet (@ylvs) about new posts under the header  #TheNotoriousNotebook and if you want to be sure to miss nothing there is an email alert thingy somewhere on this  site.

And now without further ado, here is the rest of the notes about the three swords:



I love how the last verse is seemingly hastily scribbled down and Tad not even bothered to write out the last line. I love that Du Svardenvyrd started out as Du Sverdinvyrd and how all the info from these pages made into MS&T yet in a very different form.

This is the most awesome and interesting part of the notebook as it is “story”, but for proper MS&T geeks like the runners of this site there is more rewarding stuff to come.

It was 30 years ago today …

osten ard n

ot that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play but that
THE DRAGONBONE CHAIR by Tad Williams hit the book stores for the very first time.

To adequately celebrate I’d like to start sharing a true treasure I was given when visiting Tad and Deborah this Summer:

Notebook Cover

This is Tad’s original notebook from the late 80’s containing everything he jotted down while writing Memory, Sorrow and Thorn! has the privilege to share its content with our fellow Taddicts  – thank you so very much for this permission, Tad!

Let’s start with my favourite find. This is a bit of continous text on the making of the three swords. Enjoy!


To be continued very soon …

More about marvelous Merch

Today is Tad’s birthday and Deborah treat us with first pics what things will look like.

But first this: If you participate in the campaign and be it with 1$ only you’ll get



And here are the promised pictures, the long awaited scrollbearer pendants

and an impression of Isaac Stewart’s stunningly beautiful map:


Marvelous Merch of Osten Ard and Otherland

osten ard s

ome of us have been waiting for this for years – official merch from Tad’s worlds. Now it is finally happening. Deborah Beale, Tad’s wife and business partner and a few faithful frends have put together an Indiegogo campaign with new original art from Osten Ard and Otherland to have and to hold.

Find the campaign here:

For as little as $3 you’ll get a new and exclusive short story by Tad. Here are a few examples of the shinies that are also out there FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

T-shirts with original art from Djamilia Knopf depicting Osten Ard:


Isaac Stewart’s Osten Ard map as seen in  The Witchwood Crown printed on metallic foil:


More T-shirts with Otherland themes which will also feature in the revitalised – and hopefully thriving – Otherland MMOG (the Wicked Tribe picture from MarzKartoons is my fav thing in the whole campaign):



The campaign will last throughout March and then all the pretty things (except for the Otherland shirts) will be gone again forever. So it is now or never folks …

Tad Williams & friends

Last week, on the best Friday the 13th EVER, Deborah Beale and Tad Williams came to my home town Kassel for a reading in my favourite bookstore, an evening with family and friends from all over Germany and even Austria and the Netherlands and a far to brief stay at my house.

Here is the video of the reading:

And here is the video of the highly entertaining Q&A that followed.
[Edited to add: A few days later Tad was asked if he would have been a good rockstar. His answer was a first hesitant but then heartfelt yes. This is proof.]


In the afternoon I had picked up Deb and Tad from the train station and we had coffee and chats in the autumn sun in front of  our house  …


My very dear friend Q was sick and could not attend the reading. So he at least came over to have his books signed and thus gave me the chance to introduce Tad and Deb to the local incarnation of young Simon Snowlock:


A pre-event phot- op to record our awesome matching outfits:


On our way to the book shop we stopped at my parents’ place who had a gazillion books waiting to be signed:


During the reading my friend and awesome photographer Frank Gerhold took pictures. These are my favourites:

And after it was all was said and done and a lot more books had been signed family and friends had food and drinks and more happy chatter:


And thus ended a most memorable day …

“Die Hexenholzkrone 1” von Tad Williams – Osten Ard lebt

Indepth musings on Tad’s return to Osten Ard for those of you who speak German. Kudos @AstroLibrium!


„Die Hexenholzkrone“ von Tad Williams

„Sie werden einander so eng verbunden sein, wie Bruder und Schwester nur sein können, obwohl sie viele Jahre getrennt leben werden. Sie wird Länder bereisen, die nie zuvor von einer Sterblichen betreten worden sind, wird verlieren, was sie am meisten liebt, und mit dem, das sie einst verachtet hat, ihr Glück finden… Er wird einen neuen Namen bekommen. Niemals wird ihm ein Thron gehören, aber seine Hand wird Königreiche erheben und stürzen.“

Diese Prophezeiung begleitet mich seit 1994. Es sind die Worte, die im letzten Band der „Osten-Ard-Saga“ von Tad Williams hoffen ließen, dass ich „Das Geheimnis dergroßen Schwerter“ am Ende noch gar nicht gelöst hatte. Diese geheimnisvollen Worte am Tag der Geburt der Zwillinge Deornoth und Derra, die Prinz Josua und seiner Frau Vara geschenkt wurden, schrieb ich mir ebenso auf, wie mögliche Handlungsstränge in der großen Saga, die vielleicht…

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Tad on tour – at home

IMG_7344Last month Tad Williams did a reading and Q&A at a bookshop in his hometown of Santa Cruz. The evening started with him reading the 3rd chapter of The Witchwood Crown, the higly acclaimed return to Osten Ard, published this summer from DAW books. Tad’s wife the fabulous Deborah Beale kindly recorded the whole venue. Here’s the reading:

Conversation with a Corpse-Giant

Tad then went on to answering questions about:
– Osten Ard, we learn what the Sign of the Tree looks like,
–  writing the new books (including more kudos to the help of  yours truly runners of this site – I never get tired of that)
– older books (interesting stuff about Caliban’s Hour!) and writing long stories in general. Listen to all of it here:

Conversation with readers