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his Osten Ard timeline is based, whenever possible, on the text of The Dragonbone Chair, Stone of Farewell, To Green Angel Tower, The Burning Man, and the official press release for The Last King of Osten Ard. In some instances, Tad Williams has added some timeline information based on readers’ questions. Non-canonical information is marked as such. This timeline contains spoilers.

The abbreviations BF and AF are used throughout this timeline, but are non-canonical. They stand for “before the founding of Nabban” and “after the founding of Nabban”, as Osten Ard years are numbered since the Founding of Nabban.

❧ 8837 BF: Utuk’ku is born [Based on Williams’ non-canonical statement on the official message board that Utuk’ku was around 10,000 years old during the events of MS&T].

❧ 7252 BF: Nenais’u is born [Based on 10,000-year age of Utuk’ku and Sa’onserei line of descent].

❧ 5568 BF: Senditu is born [Based on 10,000-year age of Utuk’ku and Sa’onserei line of descent].

❧ 5000 BF: Amerasu is born [Based on 10,000-year age of Utuk’ku and Sa’onserei line of descent].

❧ Approx 4850 BF: Gardenborn reach Osten Ard [based on Tad saying so in this Reddit AMA].

❧ After 4850 BF: Nine Gardenborn Cities are founded. They are:

  • Asu’a, the Eastward-looking
  • Nakkiga, the Mask of Tears
  • Mezutu’a, the Silverhome
  • Tumet’ai
  • Da’ai Chikiza, the Tree of the Singing Wind
  • Hikehikayo
  • Jhina T’senei
  • Enki-e-Shao’saye
  • Kementari

Other, smaller cities are also founded, but they are not considered among the Nine. Sesu’adra, the Stone of Farewell, is one of these smaller cities.

❧ After 4850 BF: The first mortals are encountered by the Gardenborn, migrating from the west. Nenais’u and Drukhi die; Gardenborn part. Jenjiyana of the Nightingales cedes Hikehikayo, Mezutua and Jhina T’senei to the Tinukeda’ya.

❧ 2946 BF: (roughly) Hakatri and (later) Ineluki are born [Based on 10,000-year age of Utuk’ku and Sa’onserei line of descent].

❧ 1338-1336 BF: The Conqueror Star appears in the sky during three consecutive years.

❧ 1042 BF: Likimeya is born [Based on 10,000-year age of Utuk’ku and Sa’onserei line of descent].

❧ 838-836 BF: The Conqueror Star appears in the sky during three consecutive years.

❧ 338-336 BF: The Conqueror Star appears in the sky during three consecutive years.

❧ 1 AF: Nabban founded, presumably by Tiyagaris, the first Imperator (there is probably no ‘Year 0’, since Nabban appears to be at least partially based on ancient Rome/Italy; the Roman calendar had no ‘Year 0’).

❧ 1 AF-663 AF: Nabbanai Imperators include Anitulles the Great.

❧ 164 AF: The Conqueror Star appears in the sky.

❧ 165 AF: The Conqueror Star appears in the sky for a second time.

❧ 166 AF: The Conqueror Star appears for a third time. During the reign of Nabbanai Imperator Crexis the Goat, Usires Aedon is tortured and executed. [“the only event of pure conquest that ever saw the Conqueror Star’s light was the triumph of the Ransomer, Usires Aedon, since it shone in the skies above Nabban when Usires hung on the Execution Tree” –TGAT] A star-stone falls from the sky, destroying the Temple of Yuvenis, and it is made into the great Sword Thorn by a Smith.

❧ After 166 AF: Hakatri is wounded in battle with the dragon Hidohebhi and leaves for the Unknown West, with his most trusted servant.[In TBM, Hakatri has heard of Usires, so he must have left after 166 AF]. His brother Ineluki grows fell and strange. Old Nabbanai religions die out and the Aedonite religion becomes dominant.

❧ Prior to 663 AF: Enfortis, a weak ruler, becomes Imperator of Nabban. The people of Ijsgard flee that land, reaching Osten Ard and becoming Rimmersmen. At first, they only raid the coasts. But soon they migrate into the lands. King Elvrit founds Rimmergard. City of Elvritshalla named in his honor. The great Sword Minneyar (Year of Memory) is forged by the Dwarrows; Elvrit slays Ruyan Ve in the haggling over the price of the Sword.

❧ 663 AF: King Fingil Bloodfist of Rimmersgard attacks the Zida’ya; battle of Ach Samrath sees Sithi and Hernystiri unite against Rimmersmen and Thrithings-folk (led by Nyunort). The Hernystiri (including Prince Sinnach) and the Sithi are routed.

❧ 666 AF: The great Sword Sorrow (Jingizu) is forged using fell magics; King Iyu’Unigato the Erl-king is killed by Prince Ineluki. Asu’a falls; surviving Zida’ya flee to Aldheorte Forest, where city of Jao e-Tinukai’i is founded; remaining Tinukeda’ya at Asu’a are killed by the Rimmersmen; King Fingil founds Hayholt Castle on ruins of Asu’a.

❧ After 666 AF: King Fingil’s son King Hjeldin rules for a number of years before leaping to his death from Hjeldin’s Tower. King Ikferdig, his lieutenant, takes his place. Ikferdig is killed by the dragon Shurakai.

❧ Between 667-1064 AF: Prince Jiriki and Princess Aditu born (youngest Zida’ya is male, and is over 100 years old). Heron King Sulis rules Hayholt; Erkynchester founded during his reign. His step-daughter Breda holds the castle until her death [TBM]. After this, the Holly King, Tethtain of Hernystir rules, followed by Eahlstan Fiskerne, the Fisher King.

❧ 965 AF: (roughly) King Eahlstan founds the League of the Scroll. (DBC: “Eahlstan the Fisher King chartered our League 200 years ago”)

❧ After 965 AF: King Eahlstan is killed by the dragon Shurakai. The Hayholt is abandoned once more.

❧ 1093 AF: (roughly) John of Warinsten arrives in Grenefod, spending the “better part of a year” (DBC) in Erkynland before going to the Hayholt with a spear.

❧ 1094 AF: (roughly) King Presbyter John comes to the throne of Erkynland, ruling for more than 70 years, with his great sword, Bright-nail. Nabban and Rimmersgard are later added as duchies. Presbyter John’s persecution of the Gardenborn begins.

❧ 1124 AF: (roughly) Morgenes meets Cadrach in the Tethtain Library in Crannhyr. The two become friends. Later, Cadrach is introduced to other Scrollbearers.

❧ 1125 AF: (roughly): Sir Camaris disappears; thought drowned at sea (TGAT 1, p xxiv: “Camaris was thought to have died forty years [ago]”).

❧ 1149 AF: Princess Hylissa gives birth to Princess Miriamele. Susanna, a Hayholt maid, dies in childbirth. The child, Seoman, is saved.

❧ After 1150 AF: Princess Hylissa is killed in the Thrithings War. Prince Elias blames his brother, Prince Josua.

❧ 1163 AF:

Novander 15th: Beginning of The Dragonbone Chair. [This contradicts most editions of DBC, ch. 4 which gives the date as Novander 15, 1164, yet it is still the correct date. The downfall of the Storm King must take place 500 years after the defeat of Asu’a (as the Conqueror Star appears in the sky every 500 years).
The first is 666 so the latter must be 1166. As three, not two, years pass between the quote and the final fight in TGAT and 1164+3=1167 this is an inconsistency. Williams has acknowledged the mistake: “Well that’s a mistake then. It should be 1163. Tell everybody to correct their books.” It is not necessary to correct the first edition mass-market US paperbacks, which have the correct date listed.]

Decander 21st: King John Presbyter dies on St. Tunath’s Day. 40 days pass before his burial.

❧ 1164 AF:

Feyever 1st: John is buried and Elias, his firstborn son becomes High King of Osten Ard. The Conqueror Star appears in the sky at his coronation.

Spring/Summer: King Elias’ reign begins well, but there are secrets lurking below the calm facade.

Novander: Duke Isgrimnur mentions how unseasonably warm it’s been. The odd weather will continue into 1166.

❧ 1165 AF:

Avrel 29th or 30th: Scrollbearer Ookequk suddenly dies while on the Dream Road.[link]

Avrel 30th: Stoning Night. Simon and Morgenes free Prince Josua from dungeons. Morgenes killed. Simon flees the Hayholt.[link]

Early Maia: Simon passes through Flett and then skirts around Sistan. Simon frees Prince Jiriki of the Zida’ya, and meets Binabik and Qantaqa.

Maia 16th thru 19th: Simon and Binabik reach St. Hoderund’s Abbey.[link]

Late Maia: Simon, Malachias, Leleth, Binabik and Qantaqa shelter at Geloe’s hut.

Maia 28th: Simon wakes up in Naglimund.[link]

Juven: Scrollbearer Jarnauga reaches Naglimund. Raed held.[link]

Juven: Battle of the Inniscritch. Cadrach and Miriamele sneak away from Naglimund.[link]

Juven: Naglimund falls. Many Frostmarch and Rimmersgard communities partially or fully abandoned. The Conqueror Star appears in the sky a second time.

Anitul 1st: Prince Josua and Vorzheva are wed.[link]

Anitul 5th: Prince Josua and his company arrive in Gadrinsett.[link]

Anitul 8th: Simon and Aditu enter Jao e-Tinukai’i.[link]

Octander: Battle of Stefflod Valley; Sir Deornoth killed (TGAT1, pg 530).

Novander: Princess Miriamele, Duke Isgrimnur, Tiamak and Sir Camaris reach Gadrinsett/New Gadrinsett (TGAT1, pg 655). Prince Josua and his supporters leave Sesu’adra at the end of Novander (“it was still nearly Decander on the open plains of the Thrithings” TGAT1, pg. 770).

❧ 1166 AF:

Avril: the birth of Josua and Vorzheva’s twins.
The Conqueror Star appears in the sky for the third time (TGAT pg 792).

Juven: Siege of the Hayholt. Simon Snowlock and Miriamele become rulers of Erkynland.
[Months for 1166 provided by Tad 16/8/8]

❧ 1167 AF:

Spring: Events of the Afterword of To Green Angel Tower. Count Eolair is sent as emissary of Queen Inawhen to Erchester. Archivebuilding planned at the Hayholt. (“‘A great deal can happen in a year,’ Strangyeard laughed”, TGAT2, pg 789).

❧ 1201 AF: Beginning of The Witchwood Crown. King Simon and Queen Miriamele still rule Osten Ard.[TLKOOA ad sheet]

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