Tad on tour – at home

IMG_7344Last month Tad Williams did a reading and Q&A at a bookshop in his hometown of Santa Cruz. The evening started with him reading the 3rd chapter of The Witchwood Crown, the higly acclaimed return to Osten Ard, published this summer from DAW books. Tad’s wife the fabulous Deborah Beale kindly recorded the whole venue. Here’s the reading:

Conversation with a Corpse-Giant

Tad then went on to answering questions about:
– Osten Ard, we learn what the Sign of the Tree looks like,
–  writing the new books (including more kudos to the help of  yours truly runners of this site – I never get tired of that)
– older books (interesting stuff about Caliban’s Hour!) and writing long stories in general. Listen to all of it here:

Conversation with readers