The Burning Man

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he life of Breda, grand-daughter of Great Thane Godric, is about to change when Vargellis Sulis, a disgraced nobleman from Nabban, appears in her town and soon marries her mother, Cynethrith. Breda and her family soon move to the old, abandoned castle on the headlands overlooking the bay, but the ancient castle seems haunted by the spirits of the long-lost Sithi, a mysterious race who once called the castle home.

First commissioned as a short story, The Burning Man has subsequently been published in various forms, including the original novella in the Legends anthology (edited by Robert Silverberg), as a stand-alone novel in German, Dutch, Polish and Croatian, and as a graphic novel alongside Raymond Feist’s The Wood Boy story. Lisa Martincik states, “Adherents of […] Williams should be pleased, and newcomers may be drawn to seek more.”

The graphic novel is available in English or German. The stand-alone edition is available in German, Dutch, Croatian, and other languages. The anthology edition has been translated into German, Serbian, French, Dutch, Hebrew, and Spanish, among others.

The Burning Man would be the last Osten Ard story for many years, until the announcement in April 2014 of a new sequel trilogy called The Last King of Osten Ard.

International Editions

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