publishes excerpt of Tad Williams’ “The Witchwood Crown”

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nline Science Fiction magazine today published an excerpt from The Witchwood Crown, Tad Williams’ upcoming new Osten Ard novel.


The 4000-word excerpt, found here, is told from the point of view of Jarnulf, a new character described as a pious Rimmersman travelling in the far north of Osten Ard. Jarnulf encounters one of the Hunë, an ice giant, a race that  fought for the Norns in Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.

This is the second released excerpt from The Witchwood Crown; the first, from the Foreword, and describing a scene with Tanahaya, one of the Zida’ya, was released via video format in September 2015 on Read For Pixels, and is available on YouTube:

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  1. Reading and hearing the excerpts has given me even more to look forward to when the. Ok releases. Osten Ard was an integral part of my teenage years. I’ve read memory, sorrow and thorn so many times that I’ve had to replace my copies more than a few times and happy danced when I discovered them in Ebook format. Thank you for the world you’ve created and for characters in both MST and in the Shadow March worlds, that I could identify with. I cannot wait to be “reunited” with all of my favorites again.

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