Tad Williams discusses New! Osten Ard! Novels! (Part 2)

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ere is Part 2 of our video interview with legendary fantasy and science fiction author Tad Williams, author of the now-classic “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” series; the questions from the interview were submitted by readers from TadWilliams.com and Westeros.org forums.

In this interview, Tad Williams discusses his new Osten Ard novel project, including his thoughts on Tolkien, whether or not new areas of Osten Ard (such as Nascadu and Khandia) will be seen, as well as whether or not he regrets killing off characters (and if he’s ever tempted to resurrect some of them). He also discusses the problem of the Norns, and how challenging it is to write sympathetic characters who do monstrous things.

Williams also discusses both Binabik and Duke Isgrimnur, two beloved characters from the original series, as well as a 45-foot crocodile in the swamps of the Wran. The Witchwood Crown, the latest Osten Ard novel, will be released on June 27, 2017.


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    If you have a bit of time, listen to Tad talk about his return to Osten Ard.

    Two of the questions were actually suggested by me – whether there are any characters he regrets killing off, and whether there are any ideas for characters or such that he hasn’t been able to fit into a book yet – so hearing his answers to these was particularly interesting to me.

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