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The Unwrapping of Smarch Gifts

ad Williams  – or as we, his friends on his message board call him: The Dogly One – turned 60 last week. Reason enough for us to send him some presents as he has gifted us with his stories for so long. We plotted for months on a hidden part of the message board and also brought Tad’s wife Deborah Beale in to the conspiracy. She took the following pics of the unwrapping:

Happy to have prezzies …

Yes exactly,  this is the main one.

Don’t hurt yourself!

What might this be?

Too bad this is so blurry. It says Norn Porn in beautiful black rhinestones, made by cyan who planned this for ages and ages …


This utterly beautiful witchwood knife was made by Sojourn.

Yes, you might keep the bubble wrap as well.

Frankie is definetly mad but does he deserve this?

This is my favourite. Tad fondly looking at the festschrift we all made for him. A book with stories, art and pics of the many Smarchmoots in the last 15 years …

Cover art by Kia.

No, there won’t be pics of every page.


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