The Witchwood Crown set for release in March 2017

Hot off the presses is an announcement from Tad Williams and Deborah Beale concerning The Witchwood Crown, Book One of “The Last King of Osten Ard”:

Tad Williams’ books have sold tens of millions worldwide.  His considerable output of epic fantasy and epic science-fiction series, fantastical stories of all kinds, urban fantasy novels, comics, scripts, etc., have strongly influenced a generation of writers.  Tad always has several secret projects on the go.  2016 will see the debut of a number of them; March 2017 brings ‘The Witchwood Crown’, the first volume in the long-awaited return to the world of the ‘Memory, Sorrow & Thorn’ novels.

While the news that the publication date has been pushed all the way back to March 2017 is quite disappointing, we at can assure Tad’s readers that the delay has nothing to do with the writing of the novel, as the manuscript is largely complete (we have seen it), and has to do instead with publication delays at DAW Books/Penguin Books.

Despite the disappointing news about the novel, new projects are already in the works, and will be unveiled soon.

4 thoughts on “The Witchwood Crown set for release in March 2017

    • I totally agree. No one is served by a date that far in the future. And the idea that the manuscript of a popular and well-known author should moulder on an editor’s desk for a year and a half makes very little sense.

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