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The Real Dirty Streets of Heaven

Tad Williams’ latest novel, The Dirty Streets of Heaven, is set in a fictionalized version of the Bay Area, specifically the area between San Francisco and San Jose.

A few Tad Williams fans (Cyan, Ylvs, Jeremy, and Firs) gathered in early April 2013 to visit the sites Tad wrote about in his new book.

5 Page Mill Square is a fictionalized version of 5 Palo Alto Square (at Page Mill Road). While the 44+ story building doesn’t actually exist, a 10-story building is there.

The lobby at 5 Palo Alto Square/Page Mill Square

The Compasses at the Alhambra, where Bobby and his co-workers hang out.

 The bar.

The Compasses from the rear. Note the gated parking lot, similar to the description in the text.

The Oasis, blueprint for The Waterhole, another of Bobby’s hangouts.

Bit late for that sign…

The Hall of Justice, where Bobby defends clients.

It’s easy to imagine Shoreline Amphitheater as it’s depicted in the book: an abandoned Shoreline Amusement Park.

Closed at this time.

Could this lake be the inspiration for the swimming hole?

University Avenue, near Stanford.

More soon…

Cyan and Ylvs being attacked by the ghallu. They barely escaped with their lives!


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